Keep Yourself Motivated By Breaking Up Long Term Rewards Into Short Term Rewards

It’s well known that successful people have the ability to stay on track and focus on long term rewards.

However, it’s less known that successful people also have the ability to break up long term rewards into a sequence of short term rewards, and enjoy the ride to success.

Long Term Reward vs Short term Reward
Long Term Rewards can be split into a sequence of Short Term Rewards. Which one makes more sense?


A common mistake people make when starting a diet/exercise plan is to look at themselves in the mirror after the very first week. They then get frustrated because they can barely notice any change.

What about looking at the calendar and verifying that all days of the first week have been check marked as successful exercise days? Isn’t that joyful?

Or suppose you have just started your own business and you feel like you won’t be happy until you see one million dollars in your bank account.

How about celebrating after your sales reach $2k a week? Or even better, how about celebrating when the current week sales has been better than the previous week?

The process is easier than you might think; it’s just a matter of breaking up your long term goals into short term sub-goals.

You have to be on track, but the ride should be fun too.

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