GoalEnforcer 2009 R0 Released

Being highly adaptive is a great advantage in today’s world. As unexpected challenges and new obstacles arise, you have to be able to quickly modify your plan in order to accommodate the new changes. As a project becomes bigger and more complex, changing task Start Dates and Due Dates can become very time consuming. You have to go through each task and edit its dates, and there might be tens or even hundreds of these tasks, depending on the complexity of your project.

GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus 2009 R0 introduces a new feature that will make your job easier. The new “Adjust Multiple Dates” feature allows you to select a goal and modify the Due Dates and/or Start Dates of all its sub-goals at once. You can delay or advance your dates by selecting a forward or backward time shift. You can shift by days, weeks or months. If you shift by days you can choose to include or exclude weekend days. You can also choose to apply the time shift to Due Dates, Start Dates or both.

Two other highly requested features were also added to his version. “Move loose items to Clipboard” will push all floating goals (not connected to a central goal) into the Clipboard Area. “Clear Clipboard” deletes all goals located in the ClipBoard Area. These actions make it convenient to move several goals to different levels, or erase several goals that are no longer needed.

All these functions can be accessed from the new “Actions” button, located on the lower toolbar, to the right of the “Mode” selector. All described actions are enabled when in “Map View” mode.

More actions to come in later releases. If you have suggestions, we’ll be glad to hear from you. The new upgrade is freely available for registered users.