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GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus Visual Reports
GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus version 2018 adds exciting new candies for visual enthusiasts to further stimulate your attention and engagement. You can now see your goal setting plan represented in several ways. The new visual reports provide a quick and easy way to analyze, fine tune and improve your achievement strategy.
Org Tree:
The Pie Map is interactive: you can click on any goal/task to focus on it.
New Project Export Options
-  Added "Work Hours" column to project data and project report export options (text, Excel, html).
Bubble map:
Pie map:
Focused pie map:
Radial tree:
The new visual reports can be accessed by clicking the G-map button:
You can also save and export the visual reports to svg files, so that you can post them to web sites and blogs, add it to Power Point presentations, print posters, etc.

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