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GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus Timeboxing Timer

Time Boxing is a very simple and useful time management technique, which combined with the GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus Zone will improve your time management skills and help you be more productive.
The new visual Time Boxing timer allows you to set a fixed period of time (time box) to work on a task.
It includes a countdown timer and a visual time container that gives you feedback on how much time you have left.
You can access the timer by navigating to the Hyperfocus Zone and clicking the TimeBox Timer button.
The timer includes some preset values and it also allows you to edit your list of favorite time intervals.
Great for GTD (Getting Things Done) and the Pomodoro Technique.
In order to activate the TimeBox Timer:
1) Make sure you are in the Hyperfocus Zone (click the Hyperfocus button).
2) Once in the Hyperfocus Zone you should see the "TimeBox Timer" button on the lower toolbar. Click it to open the timer window.